10 Facts About Depression That Will Keep You Up At Night

If you were to recollect the worst experiences/phases of your life what do you remember the most? That pain? That restlessness? That situation? Those swirling emotions? Or simply that sadness seeping down?

I believe we are very clear about the answer which is to be crowned. Sadness and misery that seeps in and makes you want to immerse into nothingness, to change yourself and the way you feel, that emotion which overpowers all others is what Depression is.

Depression is not just a mental health issue rather it is an emotion. It will be better if we conclude that rather it is a bundle of overwhelming emotions which trigger the demons resting in our head.

Here are 10 eye-opening and rather appalling facts about depression that will make you want to contemplate and reflect upon the way you look at depression.

1. Depression Can Occur To ‘Anyone’

In case you are still struggling in coming terms with this truth. Set it deep down and really admit it to yourself. If you have a fifth standard child going around being upset and all sulky doesn’t mean it is just his/her hormones acting weird. Acceptance is what they want and what you should provide them with and regardless of the example provided the same is needed by everyone else; whether it is your friend, old parents or you yourself. Depression can take off as a simple behavioral change only to consummate the struggler wholly.

2. Your Financial Well Being Doesn’t Shield You from Depression

Indeed being well off and not struggling for two meals a day makes your life extremely comfortable in comparison to that of others but it doesn’t exactly shield you from depression. Being rich or financially stable might help you fool everyone else around but this façade can only withstand a limit of emotional and mental problems. Reach out for help before depression reach out to you.

3. Depression-Stricken Undergoes Illness More Frequently

 Yes! It is a fact. Depression-stricken people tend to undergo illness like common cold etc. frequently in comparison to healthy individuals.

4. Depression Doesn’t Wait for A Big Blow Before Knocking Up At Your Door

If you think that depression can’t be there seeping in you; that what you are going through is just some negative phase because you haven’t faced any kind of major setback or blow from life then you are terribly wrong. Loss of some loved one or a major heartbreak is not only the reasons which can cause depression. Small things like losing your diary, a simple lie told by your friend, an argument with your mom, rejection of your idea in class and what not can make you moody but when not treated and given with considerable care, such small issues might start accumulating in your brain and work against you in the worst possible way.

5. More Than 300 Million People Suffer from Depression Throughout the World

This fact in itself is enough to prove how doomed and incompatible our society is in regard of an issue like Depression. We need strong hold onto such mental health problem. A strong mindset and commitment inside every mind is required else we might actually roll down a dark path.

6. Depression Does Impact Your Physical Health

Not only your thoughts, emotions, mental abilities but your physical health too is degraded due to depression. You might feel immense fatigue and might feel your stamina decrease, all because your mental health impacts your diet and bodily functions a lot leading to massive self-destruction.

7. Genetic Might Actually Be to Blame

According to new studies and researches on this issue a suspicion that has been lingering since long is proved further. Genetics do have a role to play in depression. If you have a family history of mental health issues you might want to take care of your health more precisely. After all, prevention is better than cure.

8. Depressed People Know to Hide It

You can never guess what a person is going through by simply looking at their face or daily routine. People undergoing depression can easily go unnoticed. They might smile, laugh and party it all out. The actual conflict is internal and is burning down their personality with each passing moment.

9. Surprise Punch: Distorted Views!

Depression makes you interpret things in an oddly twisted manner. Things said with no malicious motive or intention hurt you. Any action or gesture done in favor of you might seem to you as sympathetic and pitiful. Finally, all the people whom you should trust and cherish are pushed away by your own distorted views and interpretations.

10. Depression Can Pave Its Way Back

Fighting depression once its claws are clenched deep is indeed incredible and a task which requires a lot of motivation and commitment but the point is that once you drive depression successfully out of your life it can still catch up. One should always keep their defense up incase overwhelming emotions start interfering again.


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